You have to take some necessary steps to move your upright pianos or baby grand or grand pianos to your new location safely. Your upright piano or baby grand or grand piano is most likely the biggest and most costly item of furniture goods in your apartment. The littlest baby grand pianos weigh about 400 to 500 lbs. and largest grand pianos weight up to 1500 lbs., so you will need necessary help taking apart and shifting your piano.

Remove the music holder generally this slips out in the direction of the front of the piano. Remove the music stay, your pedal procedure and soundboard lid and cover prop. The pedals are held with nails or keys etc. Shut the piano handle if probable, and place a combined furniture pad on top to keep it from moving or obtaining scored. Brand the little equipment items with protecting tape and marking. Protect the rest of the piano with furniture shields, using big rubberized rings or tape to keep them in place. Point the piano onto a dolly and hold it while wheeling it to its next place or to a truck with a raise gate. Use the piano panel as a skid and an additional backing strap if the piano must be moved up or down steps. Place a piano board with its increased brace near the piano keypad and equivalent to the smooth side of the piano. Point the piano left corner first onto the piano board. Place the piano board on the floor by the front left area. Clear away the other two hip and legs, cover them separately in furniture pads and brand them. Safe the piano by attaching the piano panel shoulder straps jointly and then moves it to your new apartment securely.
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Afford - Sydney Piano Removals is a well established piano moving company has been moving pianos in Sydney with over 20 years experience. We move all kinds of pianos - upright pianos, Grand Pianos, Pianolas, Piano Organs etc. Whether it's just moving within the same house, to a different location in Sydney, Wollongong, Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, you can be assured your piano will be moved professionally.