A piano need to be moved on its end, not its side. First you will be needed a saw, a drill, and some extensive fasteners to move your piano safely by your own way. If you do not offered a saw, do not fear about it, basically evaluate your piano to determine out how lengthy you need your panels and House Store will reduce the timber for you. We used a small over two boards, what you use will rely on the size of your piano. An upright piano’s middle of severity is also reduced than a big upright pianos, as it is about four ft tall as compared to a large upright pianos approximately five-ft length. Move the piano. To get a your crew promoting the excess weight of the piano based to its middle of severity, cause it gradually by the dolly to its location.

The smaller sized upright pianos generally weigh between four hundred to six hundred pounds. The larger upright piano types are too top-heavy and bulky to fairly move without slanting them onto a wide dolly. Evaluate the short side ends of your piano, cut two into four’s to that size precisely. Determine the front of your piano under the keyboard. Then take your short board, lay get rid of towards the side of the piano and screw via the back board into the side board. Build as you are establishing your taking device that you keep all the panels snug and tight in opposition to the piano. It will make a opening, but no one sees the back of your piano in any case, do not worry these slots are only in the support beams, not the sound panel so it will not influence the efficiency or the sound of your piano. Take the size of the front, add two feet & cut two boards to this length. It is essential to make sure that the top of this back board is in line with the bottom of the key-board so that when you connect the board to the top they will be even and one will not be greater than the other. One for the front side and one for the back. Now lay the last long panel towards the front of the piano immediately below the key-board, screw via the front board into the side board on both sides.

Try to get one individual per hundred pounds of approximated weight to help you move your piano. The big upright piano often weighs about seven or more, and can think about as much as half a ton. If the piano is being moved onto a pickup, be sure to safely straps it into the vehicle to avoid damage. We are the Upright Piano Mover in Sydney.

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